Known to be a dynamic, informative speaker, I deliver intriguing presentations to large and small groups.  My topics are based on quilt history and are augmented with pictures, props, and handouts.

Step Back in Time

Learn how the techniques of our ancestors have influenced the art we practice now.  See how each decade led up to what we know as "quilting." Challenge yourself to a little quilt trivia about the innovations of our industry and how each new invention changed the artform we practice today.  


45 minutes 


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Colorful Women, Colorful Quilts

The quilt world has its share of colorful characters.  In this presentation, you'll hear some fascinating stories of real-life women, some well-known, and some obscure.  Crazy, manic, unfortunate, talented, visionary....all descriptions of these colorful women.

old woman quilter.jpg

Hawaiian Legacy

As distinctive as fingerprints, Hawaiian quilting patterns have a history and aesthetic unique to the sewing world. Learn about the patterns, the history behind the art, and some famous Hawaiian quilts.

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A Call, A Cause, A Quilt:
Women and Quilting in
The Civil War

While men were fighting the physical battles during the Civil War, the women were engaging in their own war efforts.  Learn about the Sanitary Fairs, the Alabama Gunboat Quilts, and some of the political statements made with quilts.  

45 minutes.  Handout of Bibliography included.

civil war women.jpg

The West Was Won
With Needle and Thread

Have you ever thought about the sheer tenacity and persistence of the women who went overland on the Westward Trail? Did you know that it was the women who held the families together and made it possible to homestead in the new frontier? 

In this talk based on real-life diary entries and letters of the women who actually went West, you'll experience

the trials, triumphs, and tragedies of the female frontier. You'll see photos of the women on the wagon trains and learn interesting facts about gender roles in the West. 

45 minutes.  Includes handout of Bibliography