• Melissa Gouty

Romancing My Computer

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

In creating my new website, I searched for pictures. Not just any photo, but that one shot that encapsulates my work ethic, my drive, and my chosen field: freelance copywriter.

Typewriters? Really?

Who knew that the key word "writer" would pull up dozens of vintage typewriters? Old type keys. Blank-inked letters. Small, colored, manual-return-cartridge typewriters. How can I convey a modern professional with the clacky old keys of a typewriter? Doesn't anybody see computers as sexy and hip, an electronic paramour? Am I the only one who views my keyboard as a frisky partner in poetry, prose, and profit? I romance my keyboard every day. Cajole it. Tease it. Tempt it. I seduce the letters and stroke the space bar. Foreplay flows from my fingers, waiting for that burst of words and the masterpiece of oratory that accompanies fine craftsmanship.

Surely there's a better image for a modern writer than a picture of an antique typewriter. The fine electronic equipment playing right beneath my hands should certainly be wooed and appreciated, not cast off in favor of a noisy, clattering, nostalgia-laden tool of the old-days.

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