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Melissa Gouty
Marketing for HVAC & Plumbing Companies 

Grow your revenue word by word!

I create quality content for the HVAC & Plumbing industry that will increase your website traffic, your leads, your booked jobs, and your revenue. 

  • Custom blogs 

  • Friendly, informative newsletters

  • Content strategy 

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Get instant access to writing expertise that grows your business long-term! 

Melissa Gouty: 
  • Experienced HVAC marketer and 
    award-winning entrepreneur with a heart for small business

  • Endless enthusiasm and explosive creativity

  • Certified copywriter

  • A reliable worker who has never missed a deadline 

  • Creator of more than 800 newspaper columns, articles, and blogs with popular appeal 

  • Congenial, self-motivated, and hard-working

  • Master's degree in English

Hot content for
cool companies



Custom Blogs


but  fun to read!

Creative, non-technical blogs, targeted to your audience and connected to your business. 


Friendly Newsletters

Newsletters show the human side of your business. They engage customers and increase traffic to your website. 

They generate trackable calls, bookings, and increased revenue.


Content Strategy 

Content strategy presents a unified message to your customers, tying into your  company's current promotions, product brand, and specific interests. 

Working with Melissa has been not only a joy, but an effective collaboration that has led to the success of a shared client. With her blogging and writing skills we were able to massively increase our client's exposure and presence on many fronts! We’ve seen our client's blog traffic double! From an average of 1100 visitors per month to an average of 2300 visitors per month. In fact, we had one month where we saw a spike of 13,000 visitors!


Working with her, we are able to push the brand exposure on social and drive that traffic back to our client's website’s blogs to help convert into viable leads -  or future customers. 100% recommend! 


~Alexander Gutierrez, Director of Marketing, Scorpion

Alexa Young, CA

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"Hot content for cool companies"


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